AL SULAIMAN JEWELLERS, member of AL SULAIMAN HOLDINGS opened first outlet at Al Sadd Street in Almana Centre, December 1993.


Al Sulaiman Jewellers is a member of Al Sulaiman Holdings first opened showroom at Al Sadd Street in Al Mana Center, December 1993. The Reputation of Al Sulaiman Jewellers is built on several strong values, choices, designs, services & innovations. Our major activity in retailing - gold jewellery, diamond studded jewellery, gemstones & diamond studded exclusive watches. Emphasis on quality and exclusivity with our very loyal, dedicated and trusted employees, which includes more than 150 staffs to cater every requirement and demand of the customers are what makes Al Sulaiman Jewellers unique in its own ways. Al Sulaiman Jewellers has 15 showrooms across Qatar in various malls & high streets including Qatar Duty Free (Hamad International Airport). The spirit of innovation not only touches our designs and products, but also epitomizes our approach as a jewellery retailer of international competence. Housing the largest jewellery collections across designs and styles, Al Sulaiman Jewellers has remained the favorite jeweller to countless discerning customers for more than 2 decades.

Enjoying the given trust of the customer with endearing after-sales service and customer-centric policies, Al Sulaiman Jewellers has earned its position in the hearts of the people of Qatar.

Al Sulaiman Jewellers continuously striving towards excellence, expansion, innovation & operational efficiencies to remain the most precious and exquisite jeweller in Qatar.



“A DREAM FULFILLED –It was a dream come true when we opened the gold and diamond jewellery shops, which are of high quality and are meant to fulfill the tastes of our local clients. Our main emphasis is quality as well as exclusivity where we have 22k, 21k and 18k jewellery and Al Sulaiman Jewellery relishes great loyal customer following.

Understanding that the market for diamonds was very promising, considering the high spending power of the residents and new trends in diamond jewellery, we put a meritorious effort in developing our diamond jewellery range. They are of high quality, designed by our very own designers, who are well acquainted with the tastes and needs of local people.

We look forward to expanding the company; we have opened several shops in various locations to increase our sales and customer reach. Additionally, we have plans of opening an exclusive diamond as well as precious stones shop in the prestigious shopping malls that are fast growing and flourishing in the country. 






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